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07TD Series
Water Cooled Condensing Unit
Nominal Cooling Range 1-5 Tons

World's No.1 Air Conditioning Expert


07TD Series
07TD water cooled condensing unit is small, compact and use a minimum of water. Each unit may be installed single or in multiples, on the floor, suspended from a ceiling or positioned in a closet. Six sizes, when matched or mix-matched with evaporator sections provide a wide range of capacities.

Compatible fittings permit either mechanical (quick) or sweat connection without the use of adapters, and liquid & suction service valve. Lasting beauty and protection of Weather Armor casing is positive shields against rust and corrosion. Cabinet is made from galvanized steel, bonderized, and painted with baked enamel. Low operating sound permits flexibility of unit location. Cabinet is internally insulated to absorb operating sound. Vibration isolators are fitted under both compressor and condenser. Time Guard circuit prevents compressor shot cycling on safety device, thermostat or power interruption by preventing compressor from restarting for 3 minutes. (Option for all models) Highly efficient plate heat exchanger minimizes condenser water flow requirement. Unit efficiency is substantially higher than for comparable air-cooled condensing units. Long unit life: Phase compressor protected from current and temperature overloads. For 07TD036BSC 060SC protective devices include high and low pressure safety switches. (Option for 07TD012 - 024SC models) Start capacitor, running capacitor and relay for compressor

Physical Data
Description Model Nominal Capacity Operating Weight R-22 (Holding Charge) Compressor Condenser Connection Water Inlet & Outlet Refrigerant, Suction Liquid Overall Dimension Height Width Depth High Pressure Switch Low Pressure Switch Solid State Timer Cut…...

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