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Mission statement
Room 4 you aims to provide a variety of treatments with the emphasis being relaxation for people who work and live the large and busy city of London.
Room 4 you will be based in South West of London (level 4 zone). Treatments will include full body massage, Indian head massage and Reiki as well as crystal therapy.
Market research
Market research shows that there is demand for massage

Competitor analysis
There are some businesses operating in SW19 market of London already with theses competitors focusing both on mental as well as physical needs. Below is a breakdown of the main competitors and what they offer:
Relax & Unwind http://www.relaxunwindmassagetherapy.co.uk/
“Relieve everyday stresses and strains of life”
“Arnold Green is an experienced massage therapist offering a wide range of massage and bodywork treatments for physical and mental well-being.”
Having trained with the renowned Academy of Natural Health in London, Arnold Green takes into consideration not just the body but also the mind, emotions and spirit. After an initial consultation, massage treatments are tailored specifically to your individual needs and carried out in the comfort of your home.
Below are some of the treatments available with relax & unwind: * Mobile massage therapy * Mobile massage therapy * Complimentary therapists association * ITEC qualified * Flexible bookings by appointment only * Available 7 days a week (Weekday evenings and all weekend) * Covering all London areas

Simply Beauty http://simplybeautysw19.co.uk/ Simply beauty is a well established, independent beauty salon in Wimbledon, SW19.
We offer a warm and friendly welcome at our modern, fully equipped salon allowing clients to fully relax. Our experience and fully qualified beauty therapists work on individual needs offering a wide range of…...

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