A Major Accident

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Fahad Al Ashban

A major accident
I never expected that I would have a major accident, but I had a very strong accident that I saw my whole life in front of me and it was the first moment that I saw death in front of me. I was going to my friend’s house with my brand new car when I had an accident and my car went upside down. I didn’t know what happened to me or even what I did before I had this accident, and the thing that made it worse that I was going to my friend’s house to study with him for my final exam which was physics and it was two days after the accident. This accident changed my whole life and my whole understanding of driving a car, after this accident I started to put my seatbelt on when I drive and I started to drive more safely. The accident was three years ago in Saudi Arabia before my final exam, I was 17 years old at my 11th grade, at that time I liked to drive a lot because I recently took my driver license and I was very happy with it. I remember that when I would get bored from studying I would go to the grocery store that is a few meters away of our house with my car and after I get a coke from there I go around my neighborhood just because I want to drive and also because I am driving my brand new car. That car was Toyota, I remember that I suffered a lot to get this car; my father said always that I can’t get an expensive car because it’s my first car and the first car always should be a cheap car. He at first wanted me to take Yaris because he said that its cheap and it’s not a good thing to get a good car now, so I tried a lot with him to have a Camry and I was trying for a whole 2 months just for a Camry, even though there was not much difference in the prices I wanted a car to be fast and easy to handle. In the end when he said ok he will get me a Camry it was a week before the final exams, I was afraid that he would say…...

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