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The assigned course reading for EDU 658 Instructional Leadership was very interesting. The case studies provided a lot of information. I especially enjoyed reading the case studies about leadership styles. I also enjoyed learning about resonant leadership. When reading chapter 1 in Cases in Leadership I had a chance to learn from someone else’s point of view whether leadership is a trait or a process. When reading Chapter 2 of Cases in Leadership I learned The Character of Leadership. In Primal Leadership: Learning to Lead with Emotional intelligence I learned that leaders have to care about the people they lead. They must also listen and ask questions to show that they care so that the employees are willing to work or deal with change without a lot of difficulty. After reading Chapter 5 in Cases in Leadership I learned about making difficult decisions in turbulent times just like the case study was titled.
My personal perspective on instructional leadership has definitely increased after taking this course and learning about different leadership styles. I think that I have always known that there are different leadership styles but I didn’t know that there were names for each type. I believe that using assessment to drive instruction/training is a good idea.
I think that the strengths of this course include having a teacher that is willing to address each student and not only point out mistakes but also encourage them by saying good job, great post, or even mention it to other students. The readings were interesting and I think that doing a SWOT analysis about leadership styles was a good idea. I think that the weaknesses of the course include having to add personal experiences to the posts or assignments because not everyone has an experience related to the topic.
My leadership philosophy has not changed as a result of this course. It is still the same and I…...

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