A Storm Gathering

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A Storm Gathering
In a third world country, Sudan, a man called Malik, is working hard to get supplies for the town. He promises the people they will get paid for their work, there will come food, that Norway donated and medicine will come for the sick. When it all gets delayed, people start to complain and talk down to him, just because he is a man of science. He’s car won’t start, so he can’t get far around. When the food from Norway finally gets to the town it is full of weevils, and the people starts to sneer at Malik. Then when a car arrive at the town and Malik hears it’s a doctor he get very excited, but as it turns out, it is just a doctor who comes to inspect. When Malik hears that the chief of the neighbor town died shortly after an injection, he worries the entire area will die, he turns to the window and sees a storm is approaching. They seal all that can be sealed in the house and try to wait out the storm.

Malik is a Msc of Khartoum University. He worries about the citizens of the town. He is a hardworking man, which tries to maintain the town and avoid another famine. He doesn’t have much for himself, all he got is a little house without much stuff, he’s clothes lay spread out on the floor because he don’t have the energy to clean up. All he’s energy goes to the town for being maintained. When he meets the doctor, the reason he gets excited is because, now he got something to give to the people of the town. That shows the commitment he has to the town and the people in it.

The female doctor is in this story, to show the readers, what kind of person Malik is, to give him more character, with her in it, he has someone to talk to, witch bring the readers and the people that talks at the same level and that brings the readers into the story, so it doesn’t gets boring to read about happenings. The doctor shows clearly that she doesn’t understand…...

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