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A Survey of Career Opportunities in Computer and Information Sciences

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A Survey of Career Opportunities in Computer and Information Sciences
SUNY Fredonia Computer Science

Author Note
This paper was prepared for CSIT 490: Seminar on Selected Topics, Section 01, and Taught by Professor Zubairi.
Computer and information science jobs are becoming to worlds’ biggest job opportunities. Most of the companies already integrated their system with technology and there are still some country side companies that haven’t integrated with technology but day by day this companies will be integrated too. Because, technology is more than being just a machine, it is being our life. Therefore, somebody should invent, produce and adapt our desires to this technology. In this research paper, I am going to find answers to some questions about career opportunities in computer and information sciences that creates all of this technologies.

Question List
1. What are the major activities assigned to people employed in the CIS field?

2. What technical skills are necessary in order to be successful in CIS?

3. What educational preparation is required?

4. What kinds of organizations hire people in this occupation?

5. What kind of work would an entry-level bachelor's degree person would likely do?

6. What are the opportunities for advancement? What positions might someone hold as he or she advances? Give a sequence of positions starting from entry level position and also show expected salary in each position.

7. Are the opportunities generally limited to specific geographic locations? If so, where? In addition, what states or countries are experiencing the fastest growth in CIS?

8. What is the salary range at the entry-level?

9. What are the working conditions? Will you work alone, with others, as a team? Is the environment noisy or quiet? How much travel, if any, is required? Are there certain peak periods…...

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