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A Teenager's Behavior Is Mostly Influenced by His Friends

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A Teenager's Behavior is Mostly Influenced by his Friends

Good or Bad Behavior is almost contagious among teenagers, depending on different factors. It's natural for parents to worry about the way that a teenager’s behavior is mostly influenced by his friends. And it's logical for them to wonder, how long allow a teenager can spend time with his friends at all. Friendships can be influence from one to another as teenagers. It’s clearly powerful. Also, it makes the difference between good and bad grades at school.
Good behavior can spread through the group. A teen whose friends are socially active in positive ways, such as participating in sporting at school, or completing their homework on time, parents can consider these as positive influences. But bad behavior can also be modeled. A teen whose friends are socially active in negative ways, such as participating in smoking, drinking or using drugs, parents can consider these more likely to indulge in his behaviors. Also, misbehave tend to be a bad teenager in the school.
In conclusion, a teenager's behavior is mostly influenced by his friends, because a teenager whose friends are socially active in positive ways, can be considered as positive influences. In the other hand, a teen whose friends are socially active in negative ways, can be considered more likely to indulge in his behaviors, and can be considered as negative influences. Even the facts show, that good or bad behavior is almost contagious among teenagers. It's natural for parents to worry about the way that a teenager can spend time with his friends at all. It’s clearly powerful, that friendship can influence from one to another as teenagers. Also, it makes the difference between good and bad grades at…...

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