A World Apart

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A World Apart
Jackie Wolfe
September 25, 2010

In the world there are several countries who conduct their correctional systems the same as the United States and then there are some who do just the opposite. The American correctional system is designed to incarcerate and try to rehabilitate offenders, if possible. I chose to compare the American correctional system with that of the Iraqi correctional systems. This paper will show the differences in the two. It will also show how the American correctional system is run in comparison to that of the Iraqi correctional system. The American correctional system is set up with different types of prisons. Most prisons are run by the state government although the United States does have federal prisons. The federal prisons are run by the federal government. In the United States, prisons are operated at various levels of security, ranging from minimum-security prisons that mainly house non-violent offenders to Supermax facilities that house well-known criminals and terrorists (DeMaille, 2007). In the United States, prisons house more than two million prisoners. The majority of criminals in the prison system are because of drugs and violent crimes. As of the end of August 2010, there were approximately 210,000 prisoners in federal prisons with about half of those for drug related crimes (BOP, 2010). In the United States there are two well-known federal penitentiaries. They are Alcatraz, which is closed, and the Leavenworth Penitentiary in Kansas. The biggest drug related crimes is transporting illegal drugs across state lines. Prior to the American Revolution, the American prisons were not used for punishment, there were used mainly for executions and physical torture. They built prison walls to keep the prisoners in and to keep the public from seeing what was going on inside those…...

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...English Literature Summer Reading Things fall apart, a novel by Chinua Achebe. In the novel of things fall apart there are many characters that stand out, such as, Okonkwo, Nwoye, Ikemefuna, Mr. Brown and more. One substantial character is Ezinma - The only child of The main character Okonkwo,'s second wife, Ekwefi. As the only one of Ekwefi’s ten children to survive past infancy, Ezinma is the center of her mother’s world. Their relationship is atypical—Ezinma calls Ekwefi by her name and is treated by her as an equal. Ezinma is also Okonkwo’s favorite child, for she understands him better than any of his other children and reminds him of Ekwefi when Ekwefi was the village beauty. Furthermore, he wishes that Ezinma were a boy because she would have been the perfect son. In the novel "Things Fall Apart" there are many themes and backgrounds, such as fear, sin and traditions. But the most frequent is respect/reputation. Reputation is extremely important to the men in the novel. Personal reputation is publicly denoted by the ankle bracelets men wear, which signify the number of “titles” they have earned. Reputation is based on merit – men gain reputation through bravery in battle, skill at wrestling, and hard work as seen through the size of their yam harvest. Reputation earns men positions of power and influence in the community as well as numerous wives. Okonkwo, the novel’s protagonist, is extremely concerned with reputation because he grew up with a...

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...Things Fall Apart is a novel written by Chinua Achebe. It is a fictional story that portrays the tribal life of the West African community. All the scenes revolve around the life of the main character Okonkwo who is a member of the tribe of Umofia. The story is set in the pre-colonial Igbo society and Colonial Igbo society. This book is into three parts: the pre-exiled Okonkwo, exiled Okonkwo, and returned Okonkwo. In all these parts, we recognize the values and virtues of the African life. The life of Okonkwo is comparatively the same Rip Van Winkle written by Washington Irving. In this story, Rip Van Winkle lived in the countryside, was exiled at some time, and came back to find that his country has changed to the extent of being not recognized. “You reap what you saw,” might seem to be a trite, because its presence in many languages. However, it does not cease to apply in the life of the pre-exiled Okonkwo. Okonkwo, whose father was lazy, seemed to be condemned to poverty but his inveterate propensity to work harder and hustle made him rich and influential in the community of Umofia. In this part, Okonkwo is a resilient person considering the difficulties that he faced mainly due to the empty start that his father offered. Additionally, Okonkwo was a famous wrestler in the entirety nine tribes of the land of Igbo. As a result, he has been involved in all the warfare issues of the land of Umofia. He took a young boy Ikemefuna as retribution to avoid strife between the......

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