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Creating ABC

From the organization of the first true radio networks in the late 1920s, broadcasting in the United States was dominated by two companies, CBS and RCA's NBC. Before NBC's 1926 formation, RCA had acquired AT&T Corporation's New York City station WEAF (later WNBC, now CBS-owned WFAN). With WEAF came a loosely organized system feeding programming to other stations in the northeastern U.S. RCA, before the acquisition of the WEAF group in mid-1926, had previously owned a second such group, with WJZ in Newark as the lead station (purchased by RCA in 1923 from Westinghouse) . These were the foundations of RCA's two programming services, the NBC "Red" and NBC "Blue" networks. Legend has it that the color designations originated from the color of the push-pins early engineers used to designate affiliates of WEAF (red pins) and WJZ (blue pins).

After a three-year investigation, the FCC in May 1940 issued a "Report on Chain Broadcasting." Finding that NBC Red, NBC Blue, CBS, and MBS dominated American broadcasting, this report proposed "divorcement", requiring the sale by RCA of one of its chains. NBC Red was the larger radio network, carrying the leading entertainment and music programs. In addition, many Red affiliates were high-powered, clear-channel stations, heard nationwide. NBC Blue offered most of the company's news and cultural programs, many of them "sustaining" or unsponsored. Among other findings, the FCC claimed RCA used NBC Blue to suppress competition against NBC Red. The FCC did not regulate or license networks directly, but it could influence them by its licensing of individual stations. Consequently, the FCC issued a ruling that "no license shall be issued to a standard broadcast station affiliated with a network which maintains more than one network." NBC argued this indirect style of regulation was illegal and appealed to the…...

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...Brainstorming, Nominal Group Technique. 6. Project Planning and Implementation Tool: Gantt Chart, Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle or Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Cycle. 7. Seven New Management and Planning Tools: Affinity Diagram, Relations Diagram, Tree Diagram, Matrix Diagram, Matrix Data Analysis, Arrow Diagram, Process Decision Program Chart. Quality tools & techniques use statistical knowledge to accumulate data and analyze them. It serves diverse range of medical, computing, industrial, telecommunications and defense. These tools drive improvement throughout the organization. Employee has to at all levels has to master the fundamental Quality skills and advanced Quality tools. This is critical to improve the organization process. These tools helps to improve company’s business management, organization’s performance and increase the global recognition of the company so it would be able to compete on both domestic and world market. In most of the small and medium size companies, focus is getting on things done to satisfy customers and realizing that profit is growing in the business. They focus very less on such tools because they start on micro level and grow faster. In our case, we have taken the example of a government hospital referred as “ABC” due to the confidentiality of the information. The medical sectors across the world are searching for ways to improve their services and quality strategies. The coming topics in this mini-case study will focus on a......

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