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Abortion is wrong and it should not be done. 1.3 million Women have an abortion a year and 1 million women have psychological disorders right after having an abortion. Having an abortion kills the life of an innocent child that has done nothing to be murdered. There are three reasons why I believe that having an abortion shouldn’t be done. Abortion causes stress and psychological pain, abortion is murder and abortion can relate to medical problems later in a woman’s life. Abortion causes stress and psychological pain in many women. Many women regret having the abortion and it causes them to stress completely out to where they lose their jobs and friends. Women develop anxiety disorders and many other disorders after getting an abortion. The pain and guilt of having the abortion done kills them inside and there not able to function normally anymore. Abortion is murder. When having an abortion the unborn fetus is being killed. There is a life that is there and it’s being destroyed. Abortion is like killing someone with a knife because basically that’s what you’re doing to the unborn child. When a woman haves an abortion there tearing an unborn child into pieces that is alive and breathing. Murder is said not to be allowed, but an abortion is murder. Many women have medical problems later in their lives because of the abortion. After having an abortion many women suffer from minor infections, abnormal pain and intestinal disturbances. These are only a few complications woman have. Medical problems happen to woman just because the scar from the abortion kills the body. Abortion causes stress and psychological pain, abortion is murder and many medical problems that woman suffer from is from having an abortion. Abortion shouldn’t be done and these are the three main reasons why. Abortion will live a haunting image on a woman’s mind forever and it will…...

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