Accurate Registration Worksheet

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Accurate Registration Worksheet

In 50 to 100 words, explain each step of the medical billing cycle, using Figure 6.7 of Integrated Electronic Health Records as a reference. Your explanations must be in your own words.

Step Explanation
1 Pre-registration confirms the patient’s information and helps to identity the patient to ensure the patient safety. This is an important step especial for reoccurring patients... This step also helps with verifying a patients insurance. Pre-registration gives the office ample time to answer questions before they are asked by looking into the EHR. Pre-registration also allows you to see procedures that may require prior authorization (pre-cert).
2 Establish financial responsibility- Establishing financial responsibility is knowing who owes what for a certain doctor’s visits. Once the clinic gathers the pertinent information from the patient, then the biller can then determine which services are covered and allowed under the patient’s insurance plan. Insurance coverage can differ hugely between companies, individual, and plans, The biller needs to make sure each patient’s coverage in order to create the bill correctly. This also goes for prescriptions, some insurance companies do not allow for certain types or prefer generics.
3 Check in patients- Patient check-in and check-out are pretty much straight-at the desk task. When the comes in, First time patients will be asked to fill out paper forms or confirm the information the doctor has on file. The patient should be asked to verify ID and provide an insureance card. Some providers will receive a copy of the check in.
4 Check out Patient- When the patient is checked out, the medical report from that patient’s visit is sent to the medical coder, who will decode and translate the information into a report. This report, which also includes…...

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