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Ad-Lider Embalanges SA.
a) What are the advantages and advantages of this approach?
First of all, there are only 2 social classes included in the research (A-B) and class C is missing, however it accounted for %28 of Brazil’s total consumption. Also, since Brazil is developing country, this class is the fastest developing social class as well. Moreover, the focus groups were selected from only southeast of the city, but I think at least one Northern city should be included and the focus groups should be selected homogenously in terms of demographic features. For instance, they have only selected house housewives from Rio, and the other features of the participants are not distinctive enough (or too complex). The timing of the research is not quite right since the two big competitor product was just released to the market (Dover Roll and Limp-o Lixo), at least the participants’ opinions might not been accurate. Also, it is natural for them to not to know about the newly released products.
On the other hand, the research company targeted women which is a smart thing to do since %74 of purchases were made by them. Also, they have a pretty good outline for the interviews, except than some flaws.
b) How would you recruit the participants?
First of all, I would select my participants from southeast and north Brazil (Sao Paulo, Rio and another city from north) and participants should be members of A, B and C social classes. Also, I would select the participants more homogenously. For instance, I would select house housewives and apartment housewives from every city and social class and then I would add other distinctive factors such as marital status, age, lifestyle and education, the main thing is these features should be exist homogenously in participants. For instance; if we have married women with children from Sao Paulo, then we must have the same kind of group…...

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