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Adams, by George Saunders
Trust forms the basis of all the things we achieve in life. We can only learn, feel, and unleash the full potential of ourselves in a relaxed and safe environment. When the feeling of trust ends, it is substituted by insecurity. We become scared, tensed, and suddenly feel the need to be on the alert for everything and everyone. Love will make you blind, and so will distrust. Life is full of danger - that is something we have to realize, and then forget. If you do not focus on the bright side of life, you will drop into the same black hole as Roger, the main character in the short story “Adams” from 2004. He is an example of a man who has lost his faith because of lacking security, safety and trust. This loss has consequences for him, his family and people around him.
Roger is, with his position as first person narrator, also the voice of the short story. He lives in a house located in a normal upper middle class environment with his wife Karen and his two little kids Melanie and Brian. He is a man with prejudices and an angled view on life, and therefore a completely unreliable narrator. The reader stays trapped in his point of view throughout the story, and is therefore forced to gain an experience of all characters by what they say and do.
Fear and paranoia control Roger’s life; he cannot distinguish light and darkness. He is frightened by his own shadows, and cannot any longer decide what is right and wrong. When your world has gone small and scary, the only thing you can focus on is to survive your worst enemy.
Roger regards his neighbour Walker as his enemy. The biased point of view pictures Walker as an unstable, dangerous pervert, and there is, according to Roger, no limit to what this maniac could be up to. Roger is scared, and all other feelings than fear, insecurity and the overriding will to protect his dearly loved family…...

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