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Addressing Job Dissatisfaction and Turnover

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Addressing Job Dissatisfaction and Turnover by May Hall 12/2007 For More Information on This Paper, Please Visit When longstanding employees are faced with business restructuring and internal or operational change, job dissatisfaction and employee turnover can be high. When change initiatives are top-down and focus on directives given to employees, rather than change initiatives developed with employees, job satisfaction can plummet. Existing research suggests, though, that motivating employees after a change initiative has begun, rather than securing employee participation, complicity and motivation to support the period of transition, requires some understanding of the basic factors and common methods used for employee motivation. Evidence suggests that improvement in job satisfaction is directly correlated to improvements in employee performance. Employee satisfaction, though, is a complex issue. A number of different types of human resource management systems have been put into place in an effort to improve employee satisfaction, including shorter workdays, shorter workweeks, and improvements in compensation packages. Some theorists have argued, though, that of all of these efforts, compensation improvements have had the greatest impact on performance outcomes of all of the efforts put in place (Lawler and Worley, 2006). This review of literature assesses the impacts of motivational strategies, especially in the presence of workplace dissatisfaction, to provide support for compensation motivators in a transitioning workplace. Literature Summary
Since the late 1960s, theorists like Gary Becker have attempted to determine the best ways to retain and motivate a workforce population. Becker (1967) defended the use of the concept of human capital, a concept easily applied to the modernizing and…...

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