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Psychosocial hazards are workplace stressors or work organizational determinant that can place pressure on the psychological and physical health of employees which includes absence of social support from superior or colleagues, role uncertainty, absence of rewards and lack of respect for workers and the work they perform (Leka and Houdmont 2010).

In this article, research was conducted on a group of Japanese workers to analyse the relationship concerning organizational justice (procedural and interactional) and psychological distress. The purpose of this study is (a) to determine whether low procedural justice and low interactional justice will result in higher risks of psychological distress and (b) to investigate whether it influence more on permanent or non-permanent employees.

Summary of article

A study was conducted in a manufacturing listed organization situated in Kanton. The overall number of qualified employees considered for the research was 1,017 which comprise of 373 males (365 permanent and 8 non-permanent employees) and 644 females (161 permanent and 483 non-permanent employees), conducted from August 2009 to August 2010.

The information was gathered using self-administrated questionnaire except chronic physical conditions and life events which were evaluated by multiple choice questions. The scales includes Organizational Justice Questionnaire, K6 (evaluate psychological distress), Eysenck Personality Questionnaire-Revised (evaluate neuroticism); Effort-Reward Imbalance Questionnaire and Job Content Questionnaire (evaluate job demands, job control and social support at work). Other factors include demographics characteristics such as age (classified into 4 groups), education (college or higher and senior high school or lower), marital status (currently married, never married, divorced or widowed), chronic physical…...

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