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Adversity Essay
Trials often test the measurement of a person’s strength of character. In the story, My Left Foot, Christy Brown’s disability is overwhelming; however, he perseveres with his limitations until he is able to write with the one limb that he has control of – his foot. Jonathan, in the story “Civil Peace,” learns that in order to live a life of contentment after losses that occur to his family during war, he must learn to accept the fate God allows. Jeannette Walls, in The Glass Castle, also learns that her salvation in life comes from acceptance of both her parents and her past. Resilience is a quality that can be modeled, but most people gain this trait from enduring and overcoming the hardships that they face in order to survive and ultimately, thrive.
(OR): Christy Brown from My Left Foot, Jonathan Iwegbu from “Civil Peace” and Jeannette Walls from The Glass Castle are resilient in their ability to overcome hardship.
In the autobiography, My Left Foot Christy Brown…

In the short story, “Civil Peace,” ……..

In Jeannette Walls’ memoir, The Glass Castle, Jeannette depicts her journey through a chaotic childhood to adulthood; in this tale she learns to transcend poverty with forgiveness and grace. For example, when her father terrifies her by throwing her in the Hot Pot springs, he says to her, “If you don’t want to sink, you better figure out how to swim” (Walls 66). Struggling alone in the water, she learns that no one can save her but herself. Whether cooking her own hot dogs, or dealing with bullies at school, Jeannette grows into a strong, self-sufficient girl. Her childhood is lost, but she gains the maturity of an adult in order to care for her own needs. In addition, Jeannette undergoes many embarrassments during adolescence; she explains:
Other kids…...

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