Aid, Exports, and Growth: a Time-Series Perspective on the Dutch Disease Hypothesis

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Aid, Exports, and Growth:
A Time-Series Perspective on the Dutch Disease Hypothesis
Joong Shik Kang
Alessandro Prati
Alessandro Rebucci

August 2010

Inter-American Development Bank
Department of Research and Chief Economist

Aid, Exports, and Growth:
A Time-Series Perspective on the Dutch Disease Hypothesis

Joong Shik Kang*
Alessandro Prati*
Alessandro Rebucci**

* International Monetary Fund
** Inter-American Development Bank

Inter-American Development Bank

Cataloging-in-Publication data provided by the
Inter-American Development Bank
Felipe Herrera Library
Kang, Joong Shik.
Aid, exports, and growth : a time-series perspective on the Dutch disease hypothesis / Joong Shik Kang,
Alessandro Prati, Alessandro Rebucci.
p. cm. (IDB working paper series ; 114)
Includes bibliographical references.
1. Economic assistance—Economic aspects. 2. International finance. I. Prati Musetti, Alessandro. II.
Rebucci, Alessandro. III. Inter-American Development Bank. Research Dept. IV. Title. V. Series.
HC60.S55 2010

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Corresponding author: Alessandro Rebucci,


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