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Air Arabia, as a national carrier of Sharjah, has been successful in targeting its customers since its start. The reason behind this is that they were able to create awareness in customers’ mind thought tight marketing strategies and through campaigns. Currently, Air Arabia knows that within last 5-7 years, many low-cost carriers were introduced plus the big airlines have also started to reduce their tickets prices. So Air Arabia, along with low prices, started to give many services with the same prices. Recently, Air Arabia started giving their customers easy visa services but for that awareness was necessary, so they started doing outdoor campaigns using billboards everywhere where they felt is a good place to attract customers, especially in UAE. They also provided their customers with “King Meals” which they can order online when purchasing tickets and can also order on board. They also provided their customers with more leg spaces so that they can have their journey in a more comfortable way.
Air Arabia has also recently started product-print campaigns, in which they show their customers some special product which their customers relate themselves like showing a clock with headphones and telling that their customer service is now 24 hours, showing remote control and putting keys arrangements as in their fleets and telling their customers that now they can reserve their favorite seats, either the middle seats or window ones.
Air Arabia has also joined another campaign which was started by BUAV against animals’ cruelty. The animals were used to be transferred in air to other countries for experiments. Air Arabia joined their campaign named “Cargo Cruelty Campaign” to have a positive image in the minds of their…...

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