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Reading comprehension
Business talk
A vital factor in a company's success is good communication among its employees. According to the book In Search of Excellence (Peters and Waterman) excellent companies have a vast network of informal, open communication. Their staff keeps in contact with one another on an informal and formal basis. Management encourages easy and frequent communication.
How do you rate communication within your own company? Are you happy with it or do you think it could be improved? Perhaps some of the following factors affecting in-company communication are familiar to you?
Failing to get the message
Many managers believe they give clear instructions to their employees. In fact, research has shown that employees very often do not realise they have been told to do something. When managers give instructions they should endeavour to ensure that these have been understood and interpreted correctly.
Breakdown in communication
People can have difficulty communicating with other employees of higher job status. This "social distance" may affect how openly employees speak about their work. People of the same rank may talk frankly to one another about how things are going. However, they may be less honest with someone higher up in the hierarchy - for fear of prejudicing their position in the company. For this reason employees often "filter" information. They alter the facts to tell the boss what s/he wants to hear. One way of reducing social distance is to cut down the ways in which employees can indicate higher status. In Japanese companies, for example, it is usual for all staff to wear the same uniform. Many companies have a common dining area for all staff.
The physical element
Physical surroundings and distance can affect how well people communicate. The farther away one person is from another, the less often they communicate. Some research…...

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