An Examination of Lsi Circumplex

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An Examination of the Defense Acquisition University Organizational Culture Inventory Circumplex Ernest Fagan Keller Graduate School of Management

Jodi Harrell, M.A, M.S.
MGMT 591 Aug 13, 2012
This paper will discuss the OCI survey results of my workplace, Defense Acquisition University (DAU) and reflect on the validity of those results. DAU provides acquisition and government contracting training and certification to Department of Defense personnel.
Not surprisingly, the primary OCI style was Humanistic-Encouraging. We as instructors go to great lengths to ensure students are given ample opportunity to succeed. We stay after class, provide assistance with their lesson plans, and deliver the material in a way that suits different styles of learning. I am particularly partial to making charts and drawing flowcharts of contracting processes to foster comprehension, interpretation, and application. Each class is also divided into teams. This helps simulate the actual workplace environment. Contracting specialists do not work alone. The need input from the customer, confirmation of funding from the budget office, and steady feedback from the vendor during contract performance. That is highlighted by the Affiliative score. The high Competitive score should not be looked at negatively. Each class is taught by two Instructors. In some longer classes (4 weeks) each instructor will alternate teaching a week while the other prepares or grades quizzes and exams. I know I am always striving to enhance the material any way I can. Instructors do compete in a healthy way of ensuring their

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