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Module 6 – Written Assignment – Analysis of a Specific Medical Advancement – Jeffrey Fischbein – 2/11/14

Rocket-Powered Prosthetic Arm
We have all heard the cliché “you don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone”. For some it can be a materialistic thing as a car or a cellphone. Others are boyfriends or girlfriends that recently broken up. But for some, it can be something much more than that. Something that is more personal to them. To others it can be a limb that was lost from war, an accident, and diseases such as diabetes.
We can only imagine on how hard life can be without the use of our hands. Unfortunately it is a brutal reality to others who do live day by day with only one or no arms at all. Prosthetic arms have very limited actions as some don’t bend with just a hook at the end of it. Some of the other more advanced prosthetic arms only bend and move from two places, the elbow and the wrist. With today’s technology increasingly advancing, and with the help of a university professor, the six million dollar man with robotic limbs is not too far from becoming a reality.
Professor Michael Goldfarb from University Vanderbilt and his team have developed what looks to be the beginning of new prosthetic arms to be human like and very functional.
“The prototype can lift (curl) about 20 to 25 pounds – three to four times more than current commercial arms – and can do so three to four times faster. "That means it has about 10 times as much power as other arms despite the fact that the design hasn’t been optimized yet for strength or power," [Michael Goldfarb]
But what makes this arm even more different than the others? It’s powered by a rocket! Michael took the idea of rockets we use on space shuttles to help maneuver in space and miniaturized it at a size of a pencil. There are two ways of operating this arm but only one method is the most ideal. The…...

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