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Analytic Essay

First Image: In this first image, to me, it looks like it is describing two soldiers who are getting ready to go off into battle. They are weary at first but get on the horses and ride off. Meanwhile, it looks as if the king is in the castle trying to pick out which style robe or fabric he would like to have next. Being shown to him by the seamster, with two behind him looking as well.
Second Image: In the second image, I see a funeral service. There are people mourning on the part that is cut off. There are many people carrying the body away to where the burial would be. Usually they would carry it to the burial site and burn the bodies or they would be put in the ground. Then at the end it looks like a king sitting on his bed pointing at something.
Third Image: In this third image, if you start from the left, it looks like on the top story, it is a king being asked to do something about a situation. In the bottom it looks like an elderly man is being taken care of because he is ill. Farther over, it looks like there are guards guarding a palace or church building with the royal family sitting inside and on the outside of the doors are people praising.
Fourth Image: This whole image looks like it is men at work making boats. At the beginning, it looks like the men are giving commands. Father down they begin to chop down the trees for the boats. Then you see them carving the boat form out of the trees and then you see the boats being painted and finished on the end.
Fifth Image: In this image, it starts off by looking as though slaves have just been taken off of the boats. Men are carrying many weapons and armor along the way and it looks like a cannon is being pulled on a cart by two men as well.
Sixth Image: In this image, it starts out as men catching trying to kill a steer to eat. There are many men walking around with animals so they…...

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