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I cant find him, where did he go? Is he under the bed? Is he in the closet? Is he outside? Why is he leaving? Was it my fault again? Dad please don't go. The absence of fatherhood on children and teens has a large effect on the growth and development of his offspring. Throughout a child's life they will need a father figure in their life's, because the father brings three roles into their precious life's and they are the Rock, the Wallet, and the Preparer. To begin, ill be discussing the first role of the father which is The Rock. Children and teens everywhere have a huge dependance on their parent putting Moms and Dads under a lot of responsibility. When one parent cannot give their kid what they need they're putting it all on the other parent. The role of a father is to be the rule inforcer better put as the “Rock” . A father uses strict discipline that sometimes a mother cannot give. Children born into single-mother households have a more violent and/or aggressive behavior than children born into married families. Most kids born into a single mother household tend to get into crime and drugs. The teens struggle finding a way to let go of there father so they reach-out to drugs. The teens then need a way to release their anger, so they commit crimes such as murder, assault, and sometimes gang related crimes. According to Washington Times, 79% of prisoners grew up without a father figure. If a child doesn't know they cant do something then they will break the law. The role of the “Rock” is needed everywhere to insure that nothing will happen and wont get in any trouble. To continue, ill be discussing the role of the “Wallet”. A family can survive with two people financially depending on the situation that is at hand. If a man leaves a woman then she forced to balance work, play, and a family life? A father is the main provider to a family better known…...

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