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Keep It Illegal Since 1937 not only the transfer, but also possession, of cannabis has been illegal under United States federal law. The prohibition of this highly dangerous drug is important to the function of a healthy society in the United States. It is shown to have many detrimental effects on not only those who use the drug, but also the people who surround them. Perhaps the most prominent reason for illegality of marijuana is the plethora of negative effects on upcoming generations. Since the boom of popularity in the 1960’s, marijuana has increased in potency, and can be found in younger age groups as time goes on. “By 2001 the proportion of under-18 initiates had increased to about two-thirds (67 percent)” (Marijuana Myths & Facts). Marijuana can be called a “gateway drug”. This is defined as a drug that may be seen as “safe” or “no big deal”, but can commonly lead to harder and more serious drugs. The affiliation with dealers of marijuana instantly associates he/she who is seeking out the dealer with an entire crowd of people who are involved in the marijuana industry, and/or other black market drug situations. This means that when one becomes involved with marijuana, the door is then open to much more dangerous drugs, such as heroin, cocaine, etc. In most cases, teenagers who recreationally use marijuana are lead into these drugs, drinking alcohol, and associating with crowds that can potentially harm them and create incredible problems in their lives. Another reason that this drug should be in no way acceptable in society is the undeniable increase in crime due to the market of marijuana. It is a common misconception that billions of dollars are thrown away each year on incarcerating people who are only guilty of possession of marijuana. While there are many people imprisoned each year who have drug charges, the majority of these offenders…...

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