Art and It's Purpose

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The purpose and Power of Art
Art is a tool that has been used for many centuries, in different cultures over the world. Art can come in many different forms such as paintings, music, theatre etc. Art is a powerful tool that can be used to depict, to denounce or even simply to entertain. It has the ability to bring a weary soul to peace, to smooth a troubled spirit because of its beauty or to stir up a man’s heart because of its strong graphic visualization of the real world. In Allison Dorothy’s essay, This is Our World, Allison describes art as a tool that can be used as a voice for the weak. Allison believes that art is powerful enough to disturb a human’s mind by making him think deeply about the meaning of the art piece and that it can at the same time also be used as a tool to denounce the evil that exists in this world. Although Allison views on the use of art are considerable and thoughtful, they are in my opinion bias and not complete. Art is not only meant to trouble the spirit of a person to get across a message or a voice, art is shapeless and can be bent into whichever shape. It can also be used for many other different purposes, depending on the author of the art piece, whether the purpose is righteous or wicked.

Allison see’s art as an unpredictable thing that should be used to force people to see things they do not wish to see “Art should surprise and astonish, and hopefully make you think something you had not though until you saw it.” (Allison 42). The Art piece should provoke more questions than answers and, most of all, “Should make us think about what we rarely want to think about at all” (Allison 48). Allison believes that art is not meant to be something that people get familiar with; it should not be something that is normal or usual. Art should make a person think, wonder and at the end leave him amazed and puzzled, it should work the…...

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