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Artificial Charcoal

Observation We have lots of problems in our environment today , different issues that needs solutions , but of all those problems the issue in our environment that attracted us most are flashfloods and landslide. Many of us are suffering from flashfloods and landslide. It can destroy not only houses , farms ,and other establishments it can kill ones life in just a matter of second.

Hypothesis Our hypothesis is, , one of the reasons of flashfloods and landslide is “cutting of trees” some people cut trees to make it charcoal. Many of them use it and some of them sell it to make money. They don’t care for its consequences. They only think for themselves. So they dont know what to do when flashfloods and landslides comes.

Experiment Our experiment is all about “ artificial charcoal “ instead of cutting trees we can use this as substitute, so that we don’t need to cut trees . By doing this we also avoid from loitering of papers.

-Used paper (ex. Cartons , yellow pad , bond paper , long pad ,journals etc)
-Pail or basin

Procedures: 1) Put some water on the basin ( depends on how many papers you want) 2) Put all your used papers on the basin together with the water 3) Tear the paper until it becomes soft and fine 4) Use the screen to drain it 5) Mold according to your desire size 6) Place it under the sunlight and wait until it dries

Collect Data After we finish our experiment, we collect some data .We ask our neighbors if they use charcoal.
Here are some people we have interviewed : Arlene Diaz * Yes, we use charcoal to cook our foods . Bebeng Delacruz * Yes we use it and sell it and we think all those charcoal came from cutting of trees.
Angelica Concepcion * Yes we use charcoal for…...

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