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University of Jordan / Aqaba
Faculty of Information Technology
Department of Business Information Technology
Course: Multimedia (5402351)
Semester and Year: Su/ 2011/2012
Pre-requisites: Object Oriented Programming 1 (5402211)
Lecturer: Evon M. Abu-Taieh

Course Description
The purpose of this course is to introduce the basic concepts of multimedia including text, graphics, sound, animation and video. Multimedia related hardware and software issues are discussed. The students will be introduced to the development stages and the required skills (skill set) for producing multimedia titles. Methods and techniques required for delivering Web-based multimedia are also presented.

Intended Learning Outcomes:
The intended learning outcomes of this course are:
A- Knowledge and Understanding: Students should … A1) Understand how multimedia titles are made and their development process. A2) Know the different types of skills required to make multimedia titles A3) Understand the basic principles for creating different types of multimedia elements including text, graphics, sound, animation and video. A4) Know about different types of hardware and software tools used for developing multimedia. B- Intellectual skills: with the ability to … B1) Distinguish between the tasks of different multimedia development team members B2) Distinguish between linear multimedia, nonlinear multimedia and hypermedia B3) Use production software tools to produce primitive multimedia elements B4) Use authoring software tools to produce a multimedia title C- Subject specific skills – with ability to … C1) Use different multimedia production tools. C2) Choose the best coloring scheme for a multimedia project C3) Advise on the most suitable hardware for a multimedia project C4) Create professional images, animations, and videos C5) Compute the file sizes of different multimedia elements
D- Transferable skills – with ability to D1) Plan for a multimedia project including the needed skill set D2) Manage the needed resources for a multimedia project D3) Build professional multimedia titles

Course Contents:

Content | Text Book Chapter | Week(s) | Assessment Method | What is Multimedia | 1 | 1 | Written Exam | Introduction to making multimedia | 2 | 1 | Written Exam | Multimedia Skills | 3 | 1 | Written Exam | Images & Blender | 6 | 2 | Written Exam Project and Assignment | Text | 4 | 2 | Written Exam Project and Assignment | Sound & Sony Forge | 5 | 2 | Written Exam Project and Assignment | Animation & see links below | 7 | 1 | Written Exam Project and Assignment | Video& Camtasia | 8 | 2 | Written Exam Project and Assignment | Compression Techniques | Hand Out | 1 | Assignment Written Exam |


Logo PresentationLogo DesignE-cardYoutube Implementation Project | 20% | Mid-Term Exam | 30% | Final Exam | 50% |

Intended Grading Scale:

95 | 100 | A | 90 | 94 | A- | 85 | 89 | B+ | 80 | 84 | B | 75 | 79 | B- | 70 | 74 | C+ | 65 | 69 | C | 60 | 64 | C- | 55 | 59 | D | 50 | 54 | D- | 0 | 49 | F |

Text Book: 1. Fundamentals of Multimedia, Li and Drew, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2004. 2. Multimedia Making It Work, 6th Edition, Tay Vaughan, 2004.
1. Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications, Steinmetz and Nahrstedt. 2. 3. 4.
Animation Software : Stupeflix Studio | | | One True Media | | | goanimate | | | 1.…...

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