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`McDonalds Advertisement Analysis 3
Dolce & Gabbana Advertisement Analysis 4
Givenchy Perfume Ange Ou Demon Advertisement Analysis 6

McDonalds Advertisement Analysis

McDonalds’ advertisements are everywhere. The advertisements are on TV, radio, and in magazines. It is nearly impossible to go one day without seeing one. The company spends millions of dollars on advertising their product each and every year to a number of different target audiences. In this advertisement McDonalds is advertising one of the value meals on their menu. The target audience that McDonalds is aiming the advertisement to is middle to upper-class people. It is very effective because it shows that the high class restaurants do not give people the quantity of food that they are paying for. The main feature of the advertisement is a man in a nice restaurant looking at his small portioned meal in disgust. In the bottom of the picture there is a larger portioned meal from McDonalds which is more food for only a fraction of the cost of the meal in the restaurant.

The advertisement consists of a middle aged man sitting in a restaurant. On the table is the silverware arranged neatly on the table and a flower. Also in the photograph is a waitress bringing out an exquisite plate of food to the table. It is obviously a formal restaurant. The man is wearing a suit which leads one to believe he is a middle or upper class individual. The man has a dissatisfied look on his face. He is obviously not happy with the amount of food that was brought to him. Considering he is in a fancy restaurant, he probably paid an unreasonable amount of money for the small amount of food. In the bottom of the picture is a value meal from the McDonalds menu. When compared to the food on the man’s plate, the McDonalds meal looks like a great deal of food. The value meal is more than likely less expensive than the meal offered at the restaurant. This sends the message to the viewer that McDonalds offers a larger quantity of food for less money than one can find at a nice restaurant. In the bottom of the advertisement are the words, “Remain calm, I think there’s a McDonalds on the way home.” This is an extremely important part of the advertisement because it is reminding people that wherever you are there is more than likely a McDonald’s right around the corner.

The image is a medium perspective and from the front view perspective angle. Although these perspectives normally emphasize the subject, the setting is one of the most important aspects of the advertisement. Without the setting of the nice restaurant, McDonalds would not be able to lure people away from eating at fancy restaurants. There is a very strong rhetorical effect in the McDonalds advertisement. In the advertisement, the man is wearing a suit which leads the viewer to believe that he is a man with a high income. Money is not a problem to this person, but he still wishes to eat the reasonably priced food that the McDonalds menu has to offer. The target audience is middle and upper-class people who feel that they are too sophisticated to eat from the reasonably priced McDonalds menu. The message McDonalds is sending to these people is that just because you have a high income does not mean that a McDonald’s value meal cannot satisfy you as much as eating at a nice restaurant.
After analyzing the image, I have concluded that McDonalds has created yet another extremely effective advertisement. It shows that upper-class people eating in nice restaurants are not getting the food that they are paying for. The advertisement also sends the message that even the upper-class wants the quantity of food that the McDonalds menu has to offer. Although the advertisement is very effective, it also has a very unethical nature.

Dolce & Gabbana Advertisement Analysis


This Dolce & Gabbana advertisement shown above is a perfect depiction that aggression gets you where you want to be. This advertisement illustrates how aggressive men are towards women to get what they want. I believe that this advertisement is giving men the wrong idea of how they should act toward women and it gives women then wrong impression of how they should be treated by men. The ad gives the viewer a sense that men are encouraged to take what they want at their own convenience. This ad objectifies women in a way that makes them seem pathetic and vulnerable. The D&G ad is an example of how the media are influencing our consumer culture into thinking that this is the way men should act towards women.

In this ad there is a very beautiful, young woman laying in distress, under a very attractive male, who is holding her down by her wrists. Around them are three other half-naked men who are also very good-looking. The others gathered around them are just starring blankly at the woman being held down in distress. I think that the product being advertised by Dolce & Gabbana is women and men’s apparel. As I look at this ad I try to imagine a prospective buyer looking at this ad for the first time. What do they notice? What appeals to them and persuades them to purchase this item? Is it the rippling, glistening 10-pack abs of the aggressive half-naked males, or is it the utter calmness and still flawless physique of the women being held down?

I believe that this advertisement is a good depiction of the some of the gender roles and sexist mindsets that our media is embedding into the youth of our generation. This ad seems to give the impression that it is acceptable for men to treat women without respect for their bodies and to act like barbarians.

The ad is a representation of how men can use women for their own personal pleasure. This ad depicts the women getting, as it seems “gang raped.” How do they expect an advertisement with “gang rape” is going to appeal to any audience? What kind of message does this send out to the public? That if you buy these clothes then you will be objectified by men in a “sexy” manner or you will be able to persuade a woman into submitting to your every whim. This advertisement is a good example of how the media, fashion designers in particular, are portraying women as sex symbols, nothing more than a man’s “play toy.”

Another small detail I noticed in the Dolce & Gabbana advertisement was that men and then women were all Caucasian and about the same age. I think that the majority of the audience that the directors of this photo shoot were trying to appeal to were younger white Americans. It also seems that violence, as seen in this ad, has been made mainstream. More often than not, violence is associated with minorities, and in the D&G ad it is seen that violence is being broadcasted to all races and ethnicities.

I also analyzed the expression on the faces of the models in the ad. It seems that the “observing males” are interested in what is going on between the aggressive male and the submissive female, but it doesn’t seem like they are going to do anything to alleviate the woman from the situation that she is in.

This Dolce & Gabbana advertisement is a perfect example of how the media puts pressure on the audiences about how a man a woman are suppose to act. The company is sending out the idea that men are suppose to be overbearing, sex-driven barbarians and woman is just supposed to sit back and let the man take advantage of her.


Givenchy Perfume Ange Ou Demon Advertisement Analysis

This perfume advertisement features Givenchy’s fragrance ‘ange ou demon’. ‘Ange ou Demon’ means ‘Angel or Demon’ in French. The perfume bottle is in a tear drop shape and is placed at the bottom right-hand corner of the portrait advertisement. To the left of the bottle is the text and slightly left of the centre of the advertisement is a woman’s side profile with her head turned front. The setting is a staircase beside a wall that seems to diminish into the dark.

The light source seems to be the top left-hand corner of the advertisement, falling diagonally on the woman’s body and eventually illuminating the staircase and perfume bottle, creating a crystal-like appearance of the bottle. Other than the illuminated areas, the rest of the advertisement is dark, consisting of black and deep blue gradients. These gradients complement the dark navy blue gradient of the perfume bottle. The entire image consists of three main portions of colour – the deep blue to silvery white gradients of the bottle and dress, the beige glow of the woman’s skin and her blonde curls, and lastly the highlights of the silver eyeshadow embedded in a deep black lace mask and the pale red lips on the face.

In my opinion, this is a very successful advertisement. Firstly, elements of the advertisement complement the perfume bottle. The dress of the woman is a gradient of gradient of silvery white to a blue that eventually falls into a black silhouette while the perfume bottle consists of a gradient of black to blue and eventually to silvery white. Notice that these two gradients are exactly inverted, creating a stark contrast between the two centers of attention (the bottle and woman) and the background. This helps to draw the viewers’ attention directly to the woman and the bottle. The similar gradient of the bottle and dress also gives us an impression that the woman is donned in the perfume bottle. By doing so, the perfume bottle also seems to evoke the sensuality, elegance and mysteriousness that the woman has. This will attract the viewers to buy the product.

Secondly, the colour combination is very well suited to the name of the perfume ‘ange ou demon’. Angels are symbols of purity, innocence and heaven. White with a tinge of silver is a perfect choice to evoke the purity that angels have. Similarly, a deep blue to symbolize the darkness in demons is definitely an apt choice. As compared to red that might symbolize hell or devilish demons, a deep blue tends to evoke not only an ominous feel, but also a sense of elegance in the entire image.

Thirdly, the styling of the woman is very appropriate. Other than the point mentioned above about the colour of the dress, a low bareback dress brings across the impression that this fragrance is seductive, attracting even more viewers to buy the fragrance. Furthermore, the demon in the woman can be seen through this bareback dress and the sheer laced mask across her face whereas the angel in her is expressed through the silver eyeshadow on her eyelid, the soft red on her lips and the simple yet glamorous makeup. The coiffure of the woman also displays both an angelic and demonic feel. Her curls are a soft blonde shade, but given a rather intense texture by the strong lighting.

Fourthly, the background setting of a spiral staircase is very appropriate because it exhibits the imagery of heaven and hell. The two opposite elements can be linked by what seems to be a never ending stairway.

Lastly, the position of the woman fits the composition perfectly and conveys the message successfully across to the audience. The woman is placed in such a way that she looks as if she is in the middle of the stairway, thus representing a powerful imagery of ‘angel or demon’. Next, her side profile accompanied by her had turned to face the camera entirely and her hand lightly touching the wall demonstrates a rather seductive pose. Her facial expression further gives a flirtatious look that seems to be the feel that the producers wish to put forth through the advertisement.

In conclusion, the advertisement is very successful. It has, in terms of imagery, composition and lighting, evoked the feminine and sleek touch that might not be visible in the fragrance bottle alone.

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