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Athlete's Performance Case

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Individual Case Write-Up: Athlete’s Performance

Athletes’ Performance developed an all-inclusive training regimen designed to help athletes prepare, fuel, and train. Its strategy position focused on differentiation. This particular strategy was exploited by providing a specialized service that was different than any other performance training facility around. They created a premium brand image by customizing a fitness plan for elite athletes and professionals alike that would fit everyone’s needs. Also, AP provided convenient access through the Internet, traveling to the athlete if needed and using the sliding fee type scale to give access to amateur athletes. Essentially, AP provided the best technology combined with a team of experts to help athletes achieve higher levels of performance on a more consistent basis that also complimented its team programs.
The following are 3 key resources and capabilities help AP to differentiate its products and services.
|Key Resources |Key Capabilities |
|1. Experts at the forefront of their subject areas |1. Combining various resources into focused philosophies and |
| |methodologies |
|2. World-class training facilities with the latest technology |2. Unique approach to total performance training that fits the elite |
| |athletes unique lifestyle |
|3. Partnerships with exceptional firms that emphasizes value |3. Commitment to performance, ethics, and results for the "Occupational |
| |athlete" lifestyle |

The following is a VRINE analysis to test the importance of the above particular resources and capabilities that may be the source of AP’s competitive advantage.
|Athletes’ Performance VRINE Table |Competitive |
| |Advantage? |
|Value: Does AP’s |Outside of the various team or university programs, athletes would have to find various |Yes |
|holistic approach to |specialists to work around their needs so that they can maximize their performance. Given the | |
|performance training |range of demands, such coordination is difficult to pull off. Having a team of experts at the | |
|provide value? |forefront to deliver performance solutions to compliment their team programs would enable AP a | |
| |competitive advantage. | |
|Rarity: Is it rare? |Outside of the various team or university programs, there are a handful of rivals that focus on |No |
| |elite athletes performance training and also over 20 different programs that focus on pre-draft | |
| |training. | |
|Inimitability? |AP is certainly not the only performance training company that desires to profit from elite and |No |
| |aspiring athletes and professionals. | |
|Non-substitutability: Is|Competitors can attempt to replicate top college and pro training environments to reach the same |No |
|there protection against|goal. Indeed, AP was the first to create this new industry, but currently they are not the only | |
|ready substitutes? |facility to offer these services. | |
|Exploitability: Is there|AP will need to recruit new staff that is passionate about this methodology. Being able to |Yes |
|evidence this is |evaluate and select potential hires with the same methodology is one of AP’s core competences. | |
|exploitable? |Not only does this make the business more effective but also creates cost savings. | |
|The verdict? |AP’s holistic approach stands up to the VRINE framework, suggesting that this integrated |No |
| |all-inclusive facility creates a competitive advantage. Since this is largely a service, there | |
| |are rivals that diminish the VRINE advantages. AP also possesses the complementary VRINE | |
| |resources and capabilities underlying its exploitability. | |

The opportunities that I would focus on if I were Mark Verstegen is developing further the Core Performance system and also enhancing focus on corporate executives. This would give AP the opportunity to increase market share and also provide non-athletes the same fitness, nutrition, rejuvenation and mental processes that enable athletes to be successful. The Core Performance books are a great and inexpensive guide to help educate and enable everyday people to perform better, not just in sports but also in their daily lives. This brand can easily be distributed to everyday people that are concerned about their health within retail stores and health clubs. Athletes’ Performance can also diversify by expanding its focus on corporate executives as well. This diversification will allow AP to better optimize the current facilities since they are able to schedule this program around peak operating seasons. These “occupational athletes” are great candidates since they are already mentally wired to be successful in their lives and careers.…...

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