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Automated Attendance System

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‘AUTOMATED ATTENDANCE SYSTEM ’ is designed to collect and manage student’s attendance records from RFID devices installed in a class rooms. Based on the verification of student identification at the entrances system, the RFID tag can be embedded in the ID card of the individual. First to activate a new session(hour) the teacher swipes her RFID tag this marks a new attendance session during which the students can swipe once to increment their attendance. The RFID module operate in 125Khz range, when a tag passes through its vicinity, the module senses its presence and extracts its unique serial number and passes this code into microcontroller which matches the code to the correct person and increments the attendance of the particular person.


Chapter No TOPIC Page

1. Introduction……………………………….. 04 2. Block Diagram and Description……….… 05
3.Circuit …………………… 09
Circuit Diagram ..........…….……. 10
Circuit Description……………………… 11
4.Software…………….................. 24
5.Printed Circuit Board ……………………….... 30 PCB Layout …………………….…… 43
6.Estimate……………………………………. 44
7.Conclusion ………………………………... 46
8.Bibpiography………………………………… 48

APPENDIX Data Sheets………………….. 50



The two major problems faced by organizations are time consuming manual attendance and wastage of electrical power. Our project is going to solve these problems by using RFID technology. The project is designed to store up to 50 card IDs but it is…...

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