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Executive Summary

This report was produced for British Airways for the purpose of providing strong competitive edge in Airline industries. BA is a leader in airline operators in UK which face a lot of competition in the last decade.
This report will analysis, identify and evaluate strategic choices that BA could pursue both internal and external environment forces. Some of the strategic will includes the strategy gap of BA. Through this strategic, we have recommended that BA should focus on their communication, planning, forecasting and strategy formulation to restore their competitive advantage within the industry.

Table of contents

Table of contents

1.1 Report objectives
1.2 Company overview
1.3 Strategy gap
1.4 Current strategies
2.0 External Analysis
2.1 PESTEL Analysis
2.2 Porters’ five forces
3.0 Internal Analysis
3.1 Resource based view
3.2 Value Chain
4.0 Key strategic Issues
5.0 Strategy formulation
6.0 Conclusions
7.0 Recommendations

1.1 Report Objectives

The main objective of this report is to recommendation a good strategy for BA. This report will consist of sections which includes the followings:
To found out the current strategic position of BA, Analysing the internal and external environment forces of BA, recommend strategic options using the internal and external analysis, evaluate strategic choices that BA could pursue and discuss the implementation.

1.2 Company Overview

British Airways Plc is the number Airline in UK and one of the best Airlines in the world which operates both domestic and international flights.(British Airways, 2008) In association with code share and franchise partners, BA have more than 33 million passengers, earning over £8.7 in revenue 2007/08. (Data monitor, 2008) employee headcount in March 2008 stood 42, 3777 people.…...

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