Bachelorhood vs Marriage

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Bachelorhood vs. Marriage
A research report on the above topic for ‘Eng 105-Advanced Composition’ course as a partial course completion requirement.

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I would like to express deep appreciation and thanks to all the students of North South University who helped me by sparing their valuable time and participating in the questionnaires of the survey allowing me to complete my research within the specified deadline. I would also like to thank my course instructor, Mr Abdus Selim for his valuable guidance, support, instructions and all out cooperation in writing the research paper.

This research paper is on the topic “Bachelorhood vs. Marriage”. Marriage has been a usual norm through centuries. It is a bonding that binds a man and a woman towards a new relationship with the aim of sharing responsibilities, happiness and sorrows till the day they die. It has been a normal phenomenon in the society which recently has been faced by some changes from the new generation. On the other hand, bachelorhood is a state where a man/woman is not married or not in a pair bond. It includes men/women who lives independently, outside of their parents’ home and other institutional settings who are not engaged in a bond of marriage.
Through this research, I wanted to find out whether the upcoming generation is in for marriage or in favour of staying single throughout their whole life. My hypothesis was staying bachelor rather than getting involved in matrimonial relationship will eliminate many societal problems like divorce, frustration, suicide etc. However, I also expected to find out what a matrimonial relationship means to the upcoming generation and some reasons through which I can prove my hypothesis to be…...

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