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History Of Baptist Church: It is believed to be started by John smyth in 1609 when he lead separatist to the Netherlands to start the General Baptist church. Henry Jacob and a group of pilgrims who had a Calvinist theology formed a congregational church. They broke off from the Early church and sailed to America to avoid Persecution in England. They broke off from the early church because of corruption in the church.
Structure of Baptist Church : In the Baptist church there are many members of the Church. There are a number of preachers, ministers, and reverends. The Pastor is the head of the church. In the Baptist Church, there are also Deacons and Deaconesses along with Trustees, Treasurers and Secretaries. Baptist churches are not under any direct administrations. The congregation sometimes chooses the leadership of the church. This varies in Baptist Churches.
What Baptist Church Believes : The Baptist Church Believes that there is one God and Three natures. They Believe that Jesus died for us and rose on the third day. The Baptist Church believes that the Bible was written by inspired men, and that God is the author. They believe the Bible is truth without error and we will all be Judged by God. They believe that man was created holy, but soon fell to sin and we are now born into sin, and that we must be Baptised to be saved by Jesus. Baptist believe in that we must Confess with our mouths and Believe in our hearts the Jesus Christ rose and died for us, and that is how we will be saved. Baptist believe that God’s law is unchangeable and that the Kingdom of heaven is coming.
Baptist Weekly Service : The Baptist Church worships by entering the service with devotion. Devotion consist of a spiritual song, and prayer. After devotion there is congregational reading and alter prayer. After altar prayer, the praise team comes up and sings. Then there are…...

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