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Barclaycard time line

1950 Launch of the Travel and Entertainment cards by Diners Club this meant bills from Hotels and restaurants could be reimbursed by the issuer similar cards by American Express and Carte Blanche followed.

1958 Bank America launched the BankAmericacard

1965 Bank America had established a successful franchising system through marketing activities and establishment of large merchant network. customers were provided with a national and eventually an international network of service points which later became Visa credit cards were expanding rapidly.

1965 Barclays was the first UK bank to recognise the potential of credit cards. Barclays negotiated a franchise from Bank America at the end of 1965. After 6 months 30,000 retailers had signed up

29th June 1966 Barclays advertised all retailers’ names and addresses in the Daily Mail extending over eight pages this was successfully taken up by the adult population of Britain.

1966 Barclaycard had passed the milestone of one million Barclaycard Holders

1967 Barclaycard lead the world with the first operational ATM

1974 To eliminate much of the paperwork of the original systems and credit control systems such as telephone authorisation with credit control managed by floor merchant. Barclaycard turned to a fully automotive computer based system to speed up the processes

1977 Barclaycard becomes a founder member of the international Visa System Company Barclaycard (now Barclay business is introduced)

1980’s – 1990’s Barclaycard continued to benefit from being the “first mover” including; • Issuing the first credit card in the UK • Being the first credit card company to have an institutional presence on the internet • Started the first loyalty scheme in the UK • Being the first bank to enable credit card payments over the internet

IT applications and…...

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