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BART (Boundary, Authority, Role and Task) is a user-friendly tool implemented in many organizations or group work to provide the type of learning to be used. The knowledge from such conferences have been found to be personally powerfully and also highly applied in the human systems analysis such as house chores, family dinners to board recruitment to multinational dialogues. Bart helps the group participants to learn about the facets of group dynamics such as response to leadership, resistance to task, capability of roles and reaction to authority (Cytrynbaum and Noumair, 2004).
Application of BART has been seen useful in the completion of my school project. My school project entails working in a group whereby various activities were carried out such as data collection, carrying out questionnaire interviews to the target participants, data analysis, and preparation of tools for research and analysis and finally data presentation. Normally with all these activities, group members may quarrel, disagree on various concepts (Cytrynbaum and Noumair, 2004). Other team members may lag behind and if a solution is not implemented, these factors may lead to late completion of the project or even lead to the project not being completed at all.
Boundary is usually the container for group work(Hayden and Molenkamp, 2002). Territory, time and task provide the basis for understanding boundaries when it comes to group relations works. The school project involved deadlines, specific time for each activity and due dates which had to be adhered to. To avoid the conflict on who was to do what and who was to go where and at what time, territory, work and time boundaries had to be established whereby each group member was allocated with a specific task, given a time schedule within which he or she is…...

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