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BBC Learning English Talk about English Academic Listening Part 8 - Using the library
This programme was first broadcast in 2001. This is not an accurate word-for-word transcript of the programme. ANNOUNCER: It’s time for Academic Listening - a series for students at English-speaking universities. Join Susan Fearn and members of the World Service class of 2001 for this programme that focuses on using the library.

CLIP: Clare Woodhouse My name is Clare, welcome to University College London Library. We're in the Arts and Humanities Library at the moment…


Clare Woodhouse works in a busy university library.

CLIP: Clare Woodhouse On a typical day, on the issue desk when we first come out we empty the book bin - where you leave books after the issue desk is closed. So we return those first thing in the morning, switch on the computers, change the date stamps and then we open at 9.30, and students can come in from that point.

Talk about English

© BBC Learning English Page 1 of 7


Last time we thought about academic reading and at some of the different skills that can help you gather relevant material quickly and efficiently. But where do you start? Libraries contain thousands of books, on dozens of subjects. And they’re scattered - it sometimes seems at random - around a number of different rooms - and sometimes many different buildings … as this student has discovered.

CLIP: Student At my University the Library is divided specifically in subjects, or in areas - because it's Oriental and African studies, so some of the areas are divided in South Asia, South East Asia, Africa, and then in other parts of the library the division is made of topics, like art, or archaeology, anthropology, linguistics and things like that. There is another important section about periodicals, and they are divided in big volumes and…...

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