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Where there may be a million reasons to leave, but it is for one simple reason that the people have chosen to stay - Love.

Like you, we are Singaporeans, born and bred in Singapore. Like you, we went through Singapore's education system, and we love this nation and our government.

Like you, we are thankful to be in this great country, where we can accept those of different race and religion, where we can be open to make our democratic choice, where we can be of good position to help our friends, be it the needy or our neighbouring countries.

Like you, we are but human. We feel, the same way you do. We hurt, the same way you do. We are not perfect, the same way you know you aren't too. And we stand. Because we understand. The same way you love and ache for your children, is the exact same way how our parents would love and ache for us.

Let us be a gracious society, fellow Singaporeans. For humanity, for peace. Our kids are watching us.

Where there may be a million reasons to justify or fault from, it is from one simple reason I write - Love.

Let the cook whip up the meal. Let the pilot fly the jet. Let the ones ordained do their job. Let the anointed fulfill their calling. Let us be kind. To those who hurt and are hurting. (Before you know it, this wouldn't affect you a bit the way you first thought it would.)

A fellow…...

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