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The phrase 'i do' seem to be misunderstood by many, some feel its only connected to relationship, but unknown to them that is wrong, because in life we daily make decisions that are either wrong or right. Am not saying marriage is excluded but my pioint is that it is not just about you getting hooked to someone but it concerns your entire lfe .
In life we make lot od decisions. Some make them out of fear and anxiety, some out of circumstances surrounding them, some out of familys advice or even friends etc. While some make decisions actually from the lords counsel, persnal view and so many too numerous to mention.
Therefore i saw it important to write on this subject matter i tittled 'BEFORE I SAY I DO'. What are the thoughts that flies through our mind when we are about to make decisions, do we really seek the lords idea or we just heard some fake voice from friends, family members or even our personal view and ooops we take the bold step. And when we fail we either feel depress or put the blame on whoever gave us their opinion. This accusation could be eliminated only if we obey some vital principles am about to list down which will be able to lead us into our desire, sustain us there and make us avoid mistakes as we go on with our lives.
First, we talk about four(4) vital questions that we ask our selves befor saying the hrase 'i do' to any area of life weather marriage, career or anything at all, in as much it has to do with making of decisions. These questions include;
Do i really have enough and strong foundation for this deision i am about to take or am i just having a soft mind towards a hard decison.
WHY DO I WANT TO DO THIS? If its relationship, why do i want to get hooked? why do i want to be a singer, minister, doctor, engineer, physician? or whatever it maybe, why do i want to do it?

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