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"Before I Was, There Were . . .”

My parents who have raised me and loved me my whole life. My father was originally married once before but got a divorce when i was young and soon remarried afterwards. Both of my parents had really tough lives growing up which is the reason why they push me and tell me to appreciate everything i get even if its not that great. My parents have paved the way for my future based on their experiences. They have made me the person i am today.

My dad Keese Shannon Adams was born in Elizabeth New Jersey. My dad was part dominican, indian and african american. He was also the second oldest of 5 children. His family was divided when his parents divorced. He was then shuffled back and forth between parents. He eventually moved to Augusta, Georgia to attend a very prestigious school for gifted children with his mother and two brothers.My father had a very tough life growing up. He was poor, he lived in the ghetto, and he even witnessed many deaths around him. Growing up was very tough for my dad knowing that he moved out the house and lived on his own at a young age.

I've looked up to my father my whole life I can talk to him about anything because hes been there for me no matter what. My mom has too but its not the same because im a boy we have that father son type of bond its weird sometimes but its also pretty cool. I dont have to be afraid to talk to my father about anything he never judges me but instead gives me advice from his own experiences. Me and my dad might have our ups and downs but in the end we still love each other and that goes for my mom too.

My mom Mona Sim Adams was born in BatamBang Cambodia durring the Cambonia Holocaust. She was the second oldest of five children also. She moved to America when she was very young as a refuge during president Carter’s administration. She’s from a very family oriented…...

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