Benefit Types

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Benefit Types
Holly Regan
February 14, 2014
Terra Harris

Benefit Types

The Cocoon House is a non-profit organization which addresses a major social problem in society called homelessness. They address this particular social problem by offering benefits and services to those needing such assistance with a goal of clients achieving one’s full potential with a combined organizational support system. Some of the benefits and services they offer are expert services and subsidies which most often are provided by way of counseling and educational programming. Credits/vouchers provided to clients are for payment to other businesses or organizations that the client otherwise could not afford to utilize. Material goods/commodities are in-kind benefits which are distributed surplus farm materials from the government like cheese, bacon, or flour. Power over decisions presents criteria of a rational model which includes such items as 1) behavior reflects purpose of intention, 2) power is centralized and the decision process is orderly and procedural, 3) rules are based on optimization of all sorts of resources with information often widespread and extensive, 4) decisions are taken focusing on value-maximizing choices, and 5) Ideology is efficiency. These benefits are in place for at-risk youths and their families in that have found themselves in desperate situations with a heavy emphasis on those with no housing or temporary shelter.
Each benefit and service is managed by experts in the field they represent for The Cocoon House. Some teens have other issues above and beyond just needing meals and a place to sleep at night and therefore require evaluations of such and assessments for each qualifying client. This organizations primary goal is to end homelessness by the year 2016 in Snohomish County, Washington.
Upon evaluating the benefits and services…...

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