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Management Support Systems
XYZ Inc.

(7 am – 8 am)
Intro to BI – Business Intelligence is bringing the right information at the right time to the right people in the right format and is the framework for decision support. BI combines architecture, databases or data warehouses, analytical tools and applications. BI’s major objective is to enable easy access to data and provide business mangers with the ability to conduct analysis. BI helps to transform data, to information, to decisions and finally to action.

(8am – 9am)
Management Support Systems – Extends information retrieval to the end user with queries and analysis capabilities of the XYZ Inc.’s data. Decision-making tools are available to all functions of XYZ Inc. i. OLAP – Online Analytical Processing ii. CRM – Consumer Relationship Management iii. OLTP – Online Transaction Processing iv. ETL – Enterprise Resource Planning System

(10am –11am)
Data – Can be pulled in from each of the 5 main areas of XYZ Inc. Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Accounting and Manufacturing will supply data to be input, cleansed and stored in a data warehouse.
(11am – 12 pm)
Storing Data – A database used for reporting analysis. The data stored in the warehouse is uploaded from operational systems. Information systems use the data from data warehouses / data marts.

Lunch Break - (12pm-1pm)

(1pm -2pm)
Mining Data - The process through which previously undiscovered patterns in data were identified. Data mining is performed by Information systems. i. Data Mining – The process through which previously undiscovered patterns in data were identified. The process uses statistical, mathematical, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to extract and identify useful information and subsequent knowledge from large databases. ii. Text Mining – Uses data mining techniques in…...

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