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1. Strategic positioning
Big Spaceship is an innovative digital market agency that provides its self-selected clients customized service while maintaining a boutique size and holding the aim of being more strategy-led. It deliberately chooses a tailored set of activities differently than competitors do to deliver a unique value in the advertising industry. First, rather than simply being a production firm, the company is a provider of all manner of solutions to the problem of how to reach consumers through various forms of digital media. Their focus is on creating compelling content for a world in which consumers have 100% of the control. The example of Nike Air campaign showed that the Big Spaceship developed an extension of that campaign that exploited the uniquely interactive potential of digital technology instead of simply putting the campaign online. Second, the Big Spaceship retained a keen focus on innovation. The CEO Lebowitz believed that only by developing novel marketing concepts and adaptions of digital technology would a company be able to thrive in the new marketing environment. The company doesn’t copy, it sells the most compelling and aspirational way of connecting with consumers in a digital space. Third, Big Spaceship has a focus on developing marketing vehicles that entertained consumers, which means creating engagement with consumers for the brand---by telling stories and starting conversations on behalf of brands. This approach largely differentiates the company with other traditional agencies that just promote a given product or service. The last one is strategic engagement with clients. An essential element of the Big Spaceship offering is exploring a client’s goal along with the questions of how to align such goals with available marketing asset and various technological capabilities, and with the client’s target audience.

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