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General Certificate of Education
Advanced Subsidiary Examination
June 2009



Unit 2



The variety of living organisms


Thursday 4 June 2009

1.30 pm to 3.15 pm


For this paper you must have:
G a ruler with millimetre measurements.
You may use a calculator.


Time allowed

1 hour 45 minutes




Use black ink or black ball-point pen.
Fill in the boxes at the top of this page.
Answer all questions.
You must answer the questions in the spaces provided. Answers written in margins or on blank pages will not be marked.
You may ask for extra paper. Extra paper must be secured to this booklet. Do all rough work in this book. Cross through any work you do not want to be marked.


The maximum mark for this paper is 85.
The marks for questions are shown in brackets.
Quality of Written Communication will be assessed in all answers.
You will be marked on your ability to:
– use good English
– organise information clearly
– use accurate scientific vocabulary where appropriate.





Areas outside the box will not be scanned for marking

Answer all questions in the spaces provided.

1 The diagram shows some of the large blood vessels in a mammal.



Small intestine 1 (a)

Add arrows to the diagram to show the direction of blood flow in each of the blood vessels A to E.
(1 mark)

1 (b)


Which of blood vessels A to E is the hepatic portal vein?

(1 mark)

1 (b)


Which of blood vessels A to E contains blood at the lowest pressure?

(1 mark)


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