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9 March 09 Blackbeard’s Life as a Pirate Edward Teach alias Blackbeard, was a privateer gone pirate of Shakespeare’s time. Teach was probably born somewhere near Bristol, England. On the Biographical Essay of Blackbeard; on paragraph 1 it says, “As a privateer during the war of the Spanish Succession, he robbed ships in the West Indies.” As a privateer, he had to share his loot with the government. Also he can rob loot freely without the fear of getting in trouble. On the Biographical Essay of Blackbeard; on paragraph 1 it says, “When the war ended in 1713, he turned to Piracy, like other former privateers.” He did that because after the war, there wouldn’t be many ships to rob and as a pirate he can rob anyone anywhere. By 1716, He was serving inder the command of Thornigold. Thornigold and his men started to rob ships in the Americas. On the Biographical Essay of Blackbeard; on paragraph 2 it says, “On Thornigold’s ship, he sailed from New Providence in the West Indies, to the American mainland.” In America, there were many ships to rob. Also many trade ships entered and left the Americas. They attacked a French trade ship in 1717, which Teach took over as the ship’s captain. On the Biographical essay of Blackbeard; on paragraph 2 it says, “In 1717, after the pirate crew attacked a large merchant ship headed for France, Teach took over the captured vessel’s captain.” Now they can rob more with two ships. It will also be better to have two ships in a battle.
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Farmington Hills,Mich. “Edward Teach.” Outlaws, Mobsters & Crooks: From the Old West to the Internet. U*X*L, 1998. Biography Resource Center Gale. Sugarland FBISD. 11 Feb 2009…...

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1991 Going beyond Global Babble. In Culture, Globalization and the World System, A. King, ed., pp. 131±138. Binghamton NY: Department of Art and Art History, State University of New York. Antoni, R. 1999 Blackbeard Doesn't Come Here Anymore. Outside 24(1):62±69, 110. Appadurai, A., and A 1990 Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy. In Global Culture: Nationalism, Globalization and Modernity, M. Featherstone, ed., pp. 295±310. London: Sage. Appadurai, A.
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