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Executive Summary x
Company Description x

Strategic Focus and Plan x
Mission/Vision x
Goals x
Core competency and Sustainable Competitive Advantage x

Situation Analysis x
SWOT Analysis x
Industry Analysis x
Competitor Analysis x
Company Analysis x
Customer Analysis x

Market-Product Focus x
Marketing and Product Objectives x
Target Markets x
Points of Difference x
Positioning x

Marketing Program x
Product Strategy x
Price Strategy x
Promotion Strategy x
Place (Distribution) Strategy x

Financial Data and Projections x
Past Sales Revenue x
Five-Year Projections x

Organization x
Implementation x
Evaluation and Control x
Appendix x
References x

Executive Summary
The following consultancy report aims to provide an in-depth analysis of Bonbon Mania’s current situation and as a result a thorough recommendation to set Bonbon Mania on the path to augment brand identity and increase brand awareness. Given our strategic direction Bonbon Mania will be positioned as the leading provider of premium confectionaries for businesses and special event sectors.

Product & Service
Bonbon Mania offers a wide range of sweets and chocolates for businesses and individuals who wish to emphasize how special an occasion or event is. They offer unique gift packages that bring a touch of whimsy to any type of event. Additionally, they offer a personalized service consisting of presentation of candies that are displayed at events.

Target Market & Need Assessment
Bonbon Mania’s current target market is split in five segments; the general public, corporations, organizations, grocery stores and retailers. Based on our analysis and decision criteria, we have identified the target markets to be organizations and associations sorely. Being an organization or corporation the need arises to recognize employees or to simply launch…...

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