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Technology has been advancing and helping our lives become easier. Some people believe that technology is advancing too fast to be safe. Other people say that technology helps us and protects us from disasters, diseases and other harmful things we encounter throughout our everyday lives. An example is if we should research the use of stem cells to cure diseases. Stem cells are cells that bring in new cells into the body to repair damaged tissues.

Although stem cells may be able to cure diseases, some people believe it is not a good idea. People believe that technology is moving too fast and it is going to end up controlling our lives. A possible outcome of manipulating our genes can be severe side-effects. The risk of using stem cells is that some people may get cancer from receiving the stem cells.

Stem cells have the power to change the medical field in many ways. I believe that we should study stem cells to find cures for deadly diseases. Stem cells are able to cure diseases because they have the ability to become any kind of tissue. There are two kinds of stem cells, cells from embryos and cells from adults.

Since technology has the power to help people’s lives there is no reason for us not to help them live a better and healthier life. Stem cells have the ability to cure diseases that are not yet cured. Stem cells can cure diseases such as diabetes, cancer, spinal cord injuries and many other illnesses. In diseases like diabetes the cells in a person’s body begin to die off, with stem cells doctors have the sources to get rid of the dead cells and replace them with new cells.

Technology has the power to improve the medical field and help cure diseases. Some people still would not like the idea of stem cells because the procedure may be very expensive and many procedures are…...

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