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National stereotypes in Braveheart

1) English part
In general Scotland is portrayed like a country with a very beautiful landscape (though it is raining a lot) and a very proud people. In the song, ‘Scotland the brave’, which describes Scotland as a land with a striking scenery, we get a picture of Scotland as a very idyllic country (For ex: Staunch are the friends that greet you, 
kind as the love that shines from fair maiden's eyes). However, we also get a picture of Scotland as a proud country, fighting for its rights (in the film and in the song as well: Now feel the blood a-leaping, 
High as the spirits of the old Highland men). In Braveheart, the Scottish are not allowed to stick to their traditions (the sack pipes are strictly forbidden) nevertheless, they do it on the sly. It seems like they have a lot of old national traditions. An example of this could be their special way to celebrate; we watch a wedding in the movie, and their own ways of saying goodbye (the funeral scenes).
From an English point of view in the movie, they seem like a very primitive people. However, it is obvious in the movie, that the Scottish take advantage of their primitiveness but also their different way of thinking. For example in the battle scene, with their spears made out of wood, where they wait, and then raise them toward the English horse riders. A scene where the Scottish flag is being used, by being painted in their faces.

A description of a Scottish stereotype in Braveheart, could be: a broad-shouldered long haired (often with a messy beard) man, wearing a kilt and no underpants, who loves to fight and with a great survival instinct.

The English men, living in Scotland under the king’s command, are portrayed extremely authoritarian and tyrannizing. They love being powerful, and are not afraid to show who has the power. They are a lot more structured.…...

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