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ABSTRACT People seem to forget that they're not the only ones that matter. When doing business with other business people, we need to keep in mind things they make them feel comfortable doing business with us. It's easier to tell what that might be when doing business within the US, but however, nowadays it's essential that we expand our horizons and seek economic advances. To do this we must communicate with others outside our country. However, we mustn't forget social differences and standards they're accustomed too. When doing business with world countries, their social formalities differ greatly from ours, which means we have more things to learn before we come in contact in them. By doing this we eliminate or significantly lower that chances of offending them or creating an awkward situation. This also allows for easier communication, and definitely a better possibility of succeeding in their country. The purpose of this paper is to help expatriates understand Brunei and their culture and practices.

INTRODUCTION Brunei is located south east of Asia, bordering the south China Sea and Malaysia. They came into existence when they regained their independence from the UK on January 1, 1984. This makes them a pretty young country, but their economic growth has been significant, where they averaged a 56% growth rate between 1999-2008. This put them as one of the fastest growing GDP/PPP in the world. Not only are they a young country, they are also relatively small. Their population which was reported in 2009 is only 388,190. Their populations consists of mostly citizens of Asian descent; Malaysians making up the majority of the population (66.5%), Chinese (11.2%), Indigenous (3.4%), and Other (19.1%). Their official religion is Islamic (67%), other major religions are Buddhism (13%), and Christianity (11%). Their official language is also…...

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...strategic management, marketing management, operation management and many more. 2. Philippines (Franco, 1986) In Philippines, they have this concept of “no one management theories and styles”. Thus no one knows who created Pinoy management theories. Below are some of the theories that come from Philippines. 1. Lumayo sa madalas matalo (Avoid losers) 2. Gawin mong personal (Make it personal) 3. Power play. Laban (Fight) 3. Brunei Darussalam In Brunei Darussalam, the management practices are influence by the concept of “Melayu Islam Beraja” (Malay Islamic Monarch). In other words, all the systems must be adaptable to Bruneian culture, under the control of Sultan and every matter must be according to Syari’ah. However, even though Brunei have their own concepts, His Majesty strictly point out in his titah that Islamic concept must be put into prior before anything else. Below is the statement of His Majesty Titah: "I truly resolve to see Brunei Darussalam become a Negara Zikir,” (His Majesty’s Titah, 2007) Thus, Brunei Darussalam is currently going for Islamic management style; where every concept and practices must be refer to Al-Quran and Hadith. REFERENCES: * Boehm, A & L. Howard (1997). The influence of organizational and personal characteristics on community planning activity, Administration in Social Work 21(1), 31-48. * Cartwright, T. J. (1991). Planning and chaos theory', Journal of the American Planning Association, 57(l), pp. 44-56. *......

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... middle high school and senior high school? Brunei Education is free in Brunei Darussalam not limited to government educational institutions but private educational institutions too. There are mainly two types of educational institutions namely government or public as well as private institutions. Several stages have to be undergone by the prospective students leading to higher qualifications such as Bachelor's Degree. * Primary School (Year 1 to 6) * Secondary School (Year 7 to 11) * High School [or also known as Sixth Form Centers] (Year 12 to 13) * Colleges (Pre-University to Diploma) * University Level (Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Professional) It takes six and five years to complete the primary and secondary levels respectively. Upon completing these two crucial stages, students have freedom to progress the sixth-form centers, colleges or probably straight to employment. Ahead of times, these students will be leaded to undertaking the university level programs in both, government and private university colleges. Source: 1. When did they start the program? Brunei is located on the northwestern coast of the island of Borneo, sandwiched between two states belonging to neighboring Malaysia. The official name of this wealthy, oil-rich country that became independent of British control (although it was never an outright colony) in 1984 is Brunei Darussalam (Arabic for "Abode of Peace"). It has a......

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...Brunei: How Did it Get to Where it is Now? Teshia Sheldon HUMN 305 E3WW Terence Skiba August 31, 2014 Brunei has experienced many different events that have developed the country in multiple ways. It has gone through multiple cultural, economic, and governmental changes over the century. These changes have affected the current stance of the country along with the current governmental feeling. Geography and History Brunei shares boarders with Malaysia and along the coast of the South China Sea. The Philippians are to the North East and Vietnam and Cambodia are to the North West. The country does not have much of a history prior to the 15th century. Over the times, the country was under Spanish and Portuguese control. In 1888, the county came a protectorate of Great Britain do to internal conflict. While under the protection of the British government, Brunei entered the petroleum industry by beginning production in 1929. This was one of the biggest events in Brunei until World War II. At this time, the Japanese occupied the country. Once the war was over, Britain began negotiations for the eventual independence of Brunei (Thambipillai, 2014). The Political Situation The independence of the country was a multistep process that began in 1959 when Brunei became the primary governing entity with assistance of a high commissioner from Britain, who maintained foreign policy and defense. The second step in the process of independence came at the time that the...

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...person who has experienced and witnessed a foreign culture to get to know about its non-verbal communication, I remember exactly how worried I felt. I remember being worried about as to where am I going to find a person like that and interview them. But there was some kind of anxiousness and excitement associated to it too. Luckily for me the cousin of mine who is a doctor and has been working in Brunei for the past three years called me on Saturday and told me that he had just arrived in Islamabad for a conference and was going to stay at Serena Hotel Islamabad. I instantly told him that I had to interview him for the assignment. After the interview ended I could tell how much I had learned about Brunei. People of Brunei are very soft spoken, humble and peace loving people. They do not like to indulge into emotions of anger and irritation and to avoid that they have developed an informal way of communication. They are very calm in nature and always maintain a face so that they do not express any kind of irritation towards the person they are talking to. As the religion of Brunei is Islam they have adapted a lot of things and etiquettes that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) had taught. They shake hands with both the hands and then put their right hand on their chests, and opposite genders do not shake hands. I further learned that they are very particular about giving respect to their elders as elders are the ones who are greeted first and served food first. There were also some......

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