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Leaving the Hive

When John Replogle (MBA '93) became CEO of Burt's Bees in 2006, sales had been growing by over 30% per year over the previous four years across multiple, increasingly diversified channels of distribution in the United States and abroad. The company's brand leadership in the natural personal care category—itself growing by 15% per year over the same period—was secure, despite growing competition. Replogle's mantra was that all this momentum gave Burt's Bees a unique opportunity to bring natural personal care to the forefront of mainstream personal care in the coming years, a revolution that would be consistent with the original vision of Burt's Bees founder Roxanne Quimby, who thought that the natural and earth-friendly products would ultimately reach "everyone, everywhere." Replogle liked to provocatively claim that Burt's Bees wanted to become the "Starbucks of personal care," in reference to the niche coffee" brand that won over its category by imposing superior product expectations and a renewed sense of meaning in consumption. Achieving this ambitious goal, however, would require many changes for the Maine-born brand that carried an anti-commercial image of friendly quirkiness.
Already, rapid growth had propelled Burt's products into mainstream outlets such as CVS and Walgreen pharmacies. Under Replogle's leadership, the product range would be changing rapidly as well. It would still star the brand's classics, including beeswax lip balm and lip shimmers, and "hand salve" and other esoteric creams and ointments contained in small, endearing containers. Many products would continue to carry the brand's early (and highly recognizable) symbol: Roxanne Quimby's original drawing of Burt's bearded face, half shaded under a flaky hippie hat. However, new product lines, with a noticeably different look, were about to appear on Burt's Bees honey-yellow…...

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...Executive Summary Burt’s Bee’s, a company that specializes in bee waxed-based natural skin care products and handmade crafts was founded in 1984 by Roxanne Quimby and Burt Shavitz. Quimby’s ambition to make a steady income at that time was fulfilled when she met Shavitz, a beekeeper in Maine. Her talent and passion to start a business paved path to the birth of Burt’s Bee’s. It is interesting to notice how Roxanne and the co-founder Burt Shavitz started the concept of natural skin care products just for the extra income and then went on to make it their core product of the company. During the first year she was able to make sales of $81,000. Burt’s Bee’s first big break came in 1989 when their teddy bear candle was noticed at an up-scale Manhattan boutique’s store. By 1993 Burt’s Bee’s had nation-wide sales of $3 million. Another interesting factor of the company is its use of natural products. The founders prove to be efficient business people since they saw the need of the customers and delivered the product demanded by them. As the company witnessed growth, Maine as Burt’s Bee’s business location proved undesirable because of high transportation costs involved, high payroll taxes and lack of expertise in the area. Quimby knew there was a lot of potential in Burt’s Bee’s business and to liberate it to grow she decided to move to North Carolina. Quimby knew that by staying in Maine Burt’s Bee’s could not grow beyond $3 million in sales. North Carolina proved promising......

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