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Webstar Diction (1913) online, defines motivations as “the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal; the reason for the action”. Doctoral degree is not on silver Plata and the road to the honors may be bumpy. As one continues the doctoral studies, one will face interference and normal frustration from family, work and study. You have to be strong willed and motivated to make it to the end of the study. People are motivated for various reasons to achieve a goal. Without motivation, one will easily give up when faced with the frustrations and the difficulties that come with a doctoral program.
The paper discusses my motivation to earn a doctoral degree. The discussion emphasizes the factors considered in choosing the doctoral degree, the specialization I seek to pursue as well as my professional goal.
Currently, my specialization is self-designed. My goal is to look into leadership and process improvement in logistic operations. This may eventually fall under logistics, but my focus will be on the value change as a whole. The analysis will begin from the producer to the customer. I have done some work in the area of internal customer service, a means of increasing facility operational efficiency in logistic, which I look to publish someday. My experience and interest are the two main factors considered when choosing the specialization.
Defending the Decision The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) will expand my knowledge in business strategies and leadership. Most of all the DBA equip me with research and analytical skill which is essential to today’s business environment Most importantly the degree will make me a superior leader by increasing my knowledge of leadership concept and business decision making.
The DBA is the right program for me as I seek to contribute to process improvement…...

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